About me

Kennedy Seed

The love and passion for art and visual images piloted me into choosing photography as a hobby during high-school. After High-school, i took the art to a higher level as a freelance photographer. Started working with a video and photography studio where i enhanced my craft and also made a living of it. Studied film production at Toronto Film School, Editing and Special effect with Digital tutors and Visual Effects for Film and Television with Seneca College. Due to my creative ability and skills, i have been part of various festival and projects within and outside Canada, and also projects that has won awards and gain massive recognition. I have worked on productions with celebrated artists. My services as a videographer and editor is been needed so much by the community to a point where work-load was over-whelming and am not able to render service to everyone that needs it. In the quest to meet up demands and stay focused to my passion, i decided to move things to a whole new level by starting up a production company; "SEEDVISUALS". Established and registered in Ontario Canada in 2014. I was able to do this by collaborating with skilled and experienced friends and colleagues from film schools. Positive comments from clients keep us growing.

Cinematographer | Director | Editor